How It Works

Step 1:

Humble Brag

Take our style quiz to help us understand your kiddo style, clothing needs and budget. Complete your order by purchasing the $10 service fee per child. This is 100% credited back towards anything you keep.

Step 2:

WELCOME TO #thedopplegang!

Receive your personalized Dopple Drop of clothes, shoes and accessories in the mail in just a few days. Try everything on at home for seven days. No more mall meltdowns -- you’re welcome!

Step 3:


Keep what you love, and send back the rest in your pre-paid stamped return bag. You only pay for what you keep, and the shipping is always on us!

Enjoy another personalized Drop every season, or whenever you want!

We'll let you know before it's time for your next Drop (every three months), so you can update us on your kiddo's latest sizes, needs and what they're obsessed with (spaceships! dinosaurs! the color green!).

Why Dopple?

We do the treasure hunting, you enjoy the bounty.

Hundreds of brands

Your kids aren't cookie cutter. Why should their clothes be?

Easy peasy

Delivered to your doorstep. No more mall meltdowns.


Handpicked to satisfy even the pickiest palette.

Wallet Friendly

Raising kids isn't cheap. We build your box to your budget.

Free shipping & returns

Keep the clothes you like and send back the rest.